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Food Stamps

Food Stamps

I saw an interview today with CNN reporter John Callebs, whose month living in New Orleans on food stamps has just ended. While his daily blog was entertaining at times, and his interview showcases in broad strokes the corners he had to cut to live on $6 and change per day (the max allowable amount for one unemployed person), it begs a bigger question: does this foretell the future for journalists? Stunt stories are great, but the reality for a lot of newly unempoyed journalists is bleak. When the Rocky Mountain News shut down last week, it left its 230 editorial folks without jobs or income. And many of them are not single adults who can live on a can of soup and some leftover rice for dinner.

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Hello world!

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What to write. Is this blog meant as a place to inform, to rant, or to muse. Maybe a little of each? Depends on the day, or the moment in the day I guess. For now, I think I’ll just play with the layout and think about what I’m going to write tomorrow. Perhaps some jackass CEO will decide to follow Ryannair’s suggestion and put locks on their bathroom doors so I’ll have something to bitch about. Or maybe I’ll log on to one of the many job boards I’m following, and the perfect opportunity that utilizes my skills and experience will be waiting for me. And, maybe 300 trillion people won’t apply for that job, flooding the applicant pool and further driving down the salary.

I feel a rant coming on.

Perhaps this blog should just be my own personal space to get it all out. Whenever I’m feeling blue, or yellow (afraid), or green (with envy), I’ll come here, tap away, publish it .. and tell no one. Like an online diary.

I could say any damn thing I want.

I could say that every time I see an ad for an experienced copywriter, a PR professional, or a marketing pro that pays $10 an hour (which is what my babysitter makes, by the way), I consider responding with George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words plus a few more of my own.

I could say that while I WANT to remain hopeful that our economy is on the road to recovery, I watch Bobby Jindahl give the Republicans’ response to President Obama’s non-State of the Union State of the Union (yeah, I’m not linking to Jindahl’s spech as I don’t want to bore anyone to death), and … I die a little inside.

I want to say that the banks are going to start lending again, people are going to start buying cars again, the L.A. real estate market is going to stabilize, and my real estate clients are going to remember the importance of branding and consistent marketing … but I don’t have time for that cause I have to go send a cover letter and resume to a company that will undoubtedly hire a 21-year-old recent college grad with no overhead and no problem working for just over minimum wage.

Yeah, I could say all of that, but then … if I wanted to write for an audience of zero, I’d go back to newspapers. They’re hiring, right?

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